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PHILOSOPHY -est 2010-

The plant kingdom, specifically flower essences, have healed me and aided in my exponential growth so many times, how could I not share and teach about them?! Through my teachings and private consultations, my sole intention is to share the pure beauty, gentleness, and effectiveness of using plants as medicine. I serve to aid you in healing yourself, furthering your spiritual growth, enhancing your intuition, and allowing yourself to feel supported, strong, courageous, and open on your journey.  My interactive workshops and classes focus upon vibrational therapeutics, western herbalism, and the power of taking the time to sit with yourself in quiet, positive meditation. In my private consultations, you will receive tools to uplift your spirit,  encourage self-love, and take home a flower essence formula to support you through your current transitions of growth.   I am committed to making the journey of healing a joyous one! Your true nature is that of love, light, and pure happiness! 


"in the garden of the senses, lies the

pathway to the spirit"

formulas available;

PLEASE NOTE THESE FORMULAS CONTAIN 20% BRANDY AS A PRESERVATIVE. For alcohol free formulas, these are made to order.  It is never a problem, and there is no extra charge. Please just ask.


for a limited time, based in 20% organic gin infused with hand-harvested and local albizia flowers for extra happiness!

1 oz $45 : An internal vibrational flower essence formula created solely to enhance self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-worth. Flowers in this formula aid in connecting to your own divine inner radiance, thoughts of abundance, and recognizing that in every single moment, you are capable of connecting to pure happiness and joy!  To boost the mood and spirit, it also contains flower essences that work as natural anti-depressants.  It is beneficial for those whom struggle with seasonal affective disorder and postpartum depression.  Safe for children, pregnant women, and even pets! Based in spring water, organic vegetable glycerin, 20% organic alcohol (gin), and lovingly selected flower essences. Dosage is 4 drops 4 x a day for 4 weeks in mouth, or as needed. The 1 oz formula will last 1 month when taken at the dosage, but consistency is key, and the more drops the better!  No contraindications. Flowers of Night-blooming cereus, Hibiscus pollen, Plumeria, Larch, Pine, Blueberry pollen, Lace Flower, Icelandic poppy, Orange rose, Sunflower, and Citrine gem.

"I tried the Lighthouse essence and I am absolutely hooked! It has helped me rise through many personal and physical struggles this year, and I just have to say this formula is my soul's salvation!" -Mallory W



1oz $35 : This internal vibrational formula allows you to embrace life and move forward when one has sustained a major trauma or setback to the body, mind, or spirit. It is a beautiful remedy for the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, and for daily feelings of discouragement, sadness, for feelings of failure or being unsupported in life. This formula creates a healthy relationship between the head and the heart, can release physical tension in the chest region, aid in releasing fears, and it allows one to renew the joy, laughter, and love that lies deep within. Take daily to strengthen (energetically) and re-open the heart. Dosage is 4 drops 4 x a day for 4 weeks in mouth, or as needed. No contraindications.  For children 2-4 drops, 3-4x a day diluted in 1 oz juice or water.  Created with vegetable glycerin, 20% organic alcohol (gin), spring water, and the following essences; Rainbow kelp, Hawthorn, Bleeding Heart, Nootka Rose, Wild rose, Green rose, Borage, and Gentian. 



1 oz $35 : This handcrafted  internal flower essence formula was created to deeply ground, center, and balance extreme states of being. To aid one in surrendering to the present moment and burning away any resistance to it. This formula brings relief to those with much physical and mental tension.  When you are more at ease physically and in the present moment, you are better in tune with the natural rhythms of your life. Take to soften the physical and mental bodies, to move with more grace throughout the day, and to allow yourself to be guided like the jellyfish in the sea.  Take 4 drops 4 x a day for 4 weeks in mouth, or as needed. No contraindications. Please note the essence of Opium Poppy is legal as it works on the energetic meridians of the body (homeopathically), not the physical. And please note no animals are harmed in the making of their essences. For children 2-4 drops, 3-4x a day diluted in 1 oz juice or water.  Created with vegetable spring water, 20% organic alcohol (gin), spring water, and the following flower and sea essences; Wild Ginger, Rock Water, Jellyfish, Lava, Pink Seaweed, Vervain, Opium Poppy, & Sea turtle.



1/2 oz $35 : This internal vibrational formula was handcrafted to break poor sleeping habits, reduce nightmares/terrors, to quiet the mind, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and to sleep deeper.  For best results, take 4 drops in the mouth every single night as soon as your head hits the pillow. Do this for 4 weeks, be very consistent.  If you wake up in the middle of the night, take 4 more drops. You may take 3 rounds of this. Created with vegetable glycerin, 20% organic alcohol, spring water, and the following essences: St. John's wort, Angelica, Jacob's ladder, White Chestnut, Impatiens, Indian Pink, Peace Beach, and Barnacle. For children 2-4 drops, 3-4x a day diluted in 1 oz juice or water, or massage a drop or two on top of head and temples. 

 **The above four formulas are handcrafted in small batches, they are vegan and gluten-free too!**  Keep away from sunlight and direct heat.


Eleven Stars

1/2 oz $36  A topical vibrational respiratory oil. Handcrafted to greatly relax tension and constriction in the chest, open and clear the lung channels, and to soothe and uplift the spirit.  For tobacco smokers, those whom struggle with grief, heartache, anxiety, panic attacks, for those with common cold or flu symptoms, and for those with asthmatic conditions. Use formula 2-3 x a days and breathe deep. This extremely fast acting concentrated formula is based in organic olive and apricot kernal oil, organic castor oil, organic essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and tea tree,  and eleven lovingly selected flower essences.  Massage several drops into chest, neck, nostrils, and temples, and breathe deep. **If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a healthcare physician before use with Eleven Stars. For children 5 and up, apply only one drop to each nostril, one drop to each lymph, and 3 drops to chest area.** 


to purchase formulas, email me or find yours at:

Dr. Rick Hall Chiropractic in Peconic, NY

Chrysalis Holistic Healing in Cutchogue, NY

Deborah Thompson Day Spa, Montauk, NY

To learn more about flower essences, please click here. 

The earth laughs in flowers