500 + hr. Certification in Herbalism (Certified Herbalist via The California School of Herbal Studies)

50 + hr. plus 1 year of full case studies- Certification in Flower Essence Therapy (Certified Flower Essence practitioner via Alaskan Essences)

50 hr. Masters of Crystology Certification via TAOMCHI- Using crystals and minerals as a tool/agent for healing (Human crystal grids)

2 years training in Native American Energetics, completing a traditional Lakota Vision Quest in Shasta Mountain, CA and a 6 month Lakota sweat lodge training- via Nunutsi Otterson


Courtney Lee Hall, BA, is a certified herbalist through the California School of Herbal Studies (500+hr. 2010), and a certified flower essence practitioner through Alaskan Essences (2014). Having much of her earlier training in western herbalism, she found her true calling when studying vibrational therapeutics (flower essences) in Alaska (2013). After completing a full year of case studies, she received her practitioner certification. For her own healing as well as her clients, she primarily treats using flower essences.

Beginning in 2012 Courtney studied Native American energetics, completing a traditional Lakota vision quest and sweat lodge training. This intense journey of healing through earth medicine has remained with her ever since, and within all of her work, she focuses heavily on Native American energetics. She is passionate about getting out into nature as often as possible and leads a program called Earth Immersion each year. This course consists of walking in the woods, plant identification, plant-spirit communication, and self-reflection.

Her passion for alchemy continues to this day, and often you can find Courtney in the kitchen hand-crafting formulas to uplift, heal, and raise one's vibration. She has been handcrafting herbal products for 9 years, and each fall she releases a line of organic, handmade, formulas, teas, salves, oils, creams, and more! Always 100% organic and handcrafted with so much love and care.

Courtney has been teaching day classes to 6 week long intensive programs for over 4 years. To find where she is teaching next click here.

She has been blessed to study under the following guides and herbalists: David Hoffmann, Karyn Sanders, Nunutsi Otterson, Matthew Wood, Terri Jensen, Karen Aguiar, Gail Julian, Doug Simons, Tracy Doe Heart, Magick Altman, and the late Steve Johnson.

She is dedicated to teaching and healing through nature, reconnecting people with spirit, and being a caretaker of this beautiful planet. She currently resides in Long Island, NY where she is available for private and group classes and consultations.


her happy place

Amongst the green ones in the warm sunshine of the southwest.

Courtney Visits the Arizona Desert several times each year to harvest plant medicine, to study, write, self-reflect, and to bask in the warm desert sun.