With over 10 years of handcrafting over 30 medicinal herbal products, I am pleased to announce I have begun consulting work. Currently I am putting together a line of organic herbal and nutritive powdered drinks, teas, and body care for a vegan bakery and apothecary in West Sayville, as well as sourcing a line of tinctures and flower essences to bring into a spa in Montauk.

My consulting work is perfect for those whom want to bring in herbal medicine into their shop or spa, but don’t know where to start or what would best suit their clients/community.

I am available to handcraft and create products specifically for your shop, creating a line attuned to your needs, as well as choose from top organic herbal suppliers to bring in to your shop.

If I am putting together products for your shop, please note this includes a free 1 1/2 hour talk at your shop for you or your clients, discussing the benefits, contraindications, dosing, and how to best use these products for optimal well being. *if you are out of NY state, there is a a travel fee if you so choose to have me come teach.

Unsure what essential oils, flower essences, tinctures, teas, creams, salves, serums, to bring in? Not sure what company’s hold the highest standards? Unsure where the plants are sourced from? Do you know a few oils or teas you want to sell, but don’t know much about their medicinal properties? Please reach out! I am passionate about teaching and sharing all about the beautiful plants that surround us, and the unlimited ways they can aid and heal us. I look forward to working with you and bringing your community the best possible organic plant medicinals available today.


Consulting fees differ depending on the job.

Please email me for more information or to receive an estimate.

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4 month flower essence program - The Light of Flowers 

In this kit you will receive 4 - 1 oz bottles of handcrafted flower, gem, & sea essence formulas. (Based on my 5 + years of flower essence formulation and studies.) They are progressive, and each formula contains 1-3 essences that are carried over from the previous formula. 

Month one:  I AM ENOUGH

For unconditional self-love, and for full acceptance of no matter how you are feeling, what you look like,  what you are doing, that right here, right where are you, YOU ARE ENOUGH, what you are doing, IS ENOUGH! you are worthy, beautiful inside and out.  This formula not only helps you to see this, but to feel it. Essences for self- love, worth, forgiveness, love of physical body, taking better care of physical body, mind, and spirit.  Uplifting and refreshing.  (This formula contains flowers from the Lighthouse formula among several others, & it is based in 20% brandy, 20% orange blossom water, & the rest is spring water.) 


Release thoughts of lack, allow abundance to unconditionally flow to and through you.  Gain a healthier balance of giving and receiving. Recognize abundance comes in many forms, to your home, family, friends, etc. Most importantly this formula with alert you to when you think or speak of lack; example; you are at the coffee shop paying in change and you utter... "im broke because of the holidays."  Normally you wouldn't think twice as this is your normal response or way of thinking, but now you will immediately recognize that a) you are actually not broke because you just were able to buy a cup of coffee , and b) that is a major spoken thought of lack! Lack attracts more lack! Remember that you create your reality by what you choose to think, say, feel, do. Over time, you won't speak like this, and eventually your thoughts will diminish too.  This formula contains essences from the previous formula, new essences addressing the above, 20% brandy, 20% rose water, and the rest is spring water. the universe is extremely abundance, and so you are!

Month 3: I AM AT PEACE

This formula contains essences from the previous two formulas, and has added essences to feel more rooted/grounded, yet free flowing.  Allowing yourself to open up to the peace and tranquility available within each moment.  This formula will slow you down a bit because after the first two months of noticing a lot, it is sometimes overwhelming and hard to process it all. But trust me, these flowers move fast, and we are fast learners too! However, it is important to slow down, take it all in, and address those changes you are making.  Feel the peace when you are self-loving, feel the peace when you are continuously feeling abundant, feel the peace wherever you are.  Opening up to this and allowing this, truly makes for big ideas, growth, joy, and fun! Created with essences from the previous 2 formulas, new essences to slow you down, 20% brandy, 20% local honey (peace is sweetness ) and the rest is spring water. 

Month 4:  I AM AWARE

The last formula of the kit encompasses everything in the previous 3 formulas, along with a few new ones to aid you in following your path, staying focused, and finding the truth of who you are.  It is soothing, loving, very expansive yet grounding, and provides you with the awareness of all the work you have been doing. May you breathe deeply, give thanks to the flower, gem, sea essences, the roses, the orange blossoms, the bees for their honey, and for your steady commitment to raise your vibration, do the work, and to do it with love in your heart and joy on your face. 20% brandy and the rest is distilled water. 

*After 4 months, you may look younger, feel extremely vibrant, feel better physically, and most importantly feel and know that you are enough.  You are exactly where you need to be, and that place is so much brighter and clearer than where you began 4 months ago.  

Consistency is key.  4 drops a minimum of 4 x a day. As you know, the more often you can take a few drops the better. Your 1 oz bottle will last 3- 4 weeks at this dosage. You can do it! 

There are no contraindications, may be taken with other medicines, health regimes, during pregnancy or breastfeeding too (non-alcohol option). *If you do not want alcohol that is fine, I can make it with vegetable glycerin.**If you are allergic to honey please let me know and I will substitute rose water or orange blossom water. 

The first two bottles will be shipped together. To be taken as month 1 first, then followed by month 2 only after month 1 is complete.  A week prior to month 3, I will ship you month 3 and 4. 

The Light of Flowers kit is $180.  It includes your 4 formulas, shipping fees 2x, and a once a month email exchange with me, however it will really be more of a journal entry for yourself, but I will give advice, support, and encouragement, in every way that I can.  I do encourage you to journal at the very start of this, taking note of all that you are feeling, wanting, going thrrough, etc, and then compare it to where you are at the very end of it.  I also recommend taking a picture of yourself at the start, and one at the end as well.

I have put my heart and soul into these formulas.  Everything from seeking out new flowers, to the beautiful glass bottles, to the labels, and to the local honey! May you find such peace and comfort and life within them, and may you shine from the inside out.   

Please email me to order a kit or for any questions;

individual FORMULAS

Below are my top two best sellers;


1 oz $45 : An internal vibrational flower essence formula created solely to enhance self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-worth. Flowers in this formula aid in connecting to your own divine inner radiance, thoughts of abundance, and recognizing that in every single moment, you are capable of connecting to pure happiness and joy!  To boost the mood and spirit, it also contains flower essences that work as natural anti-depressants.  It is beneficial for those whom struggle with seasonal affective disorder and postpartum depression.  Safe for children, pregnant women, and even pets! Based in spring water, organic orange blossom water, 20% organic alcohol (brandy), and lovingly selected flower essences. Dosage is 4 drops 4 x a day for 4 weeks in mouth, or as needed. The 1 oz formula will last 1 month when taken at the dosage, but consistency is key, and the more drops the better!  No contraindications. Flowers of Night-blooming cereus, Hibiscus pollen, Plumeria, Larch, Pine, Blueberry pollen, Lace Flower, Icelandic poppy, Orange rose, Sunflower, and Citrine gem.

"I tried the Lighthouse essence and I am absolutely hooked! It has helped me rise through many personal and physical struggles this year, and I just have to say this formula is my soul's salvation!" -Mallory W

Please email to order;



1oz $35 : This internal vibrational formula allows you to embrace life and move forward when one has sustained a major trauma or setback to the body, mind, or spirit. It is a beautiful remedy for the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, and for daily feelings of discouragement, sadness, for feelings of failure or being unsupported in life. This formula creates a healthy relationship between the head and the heart, can release physical tension in the chest region, aid in releasing fears, and it allows one to renew the joy, laughter, and love that lies deep within. Take daily to strengthen (energetically) and re-open the heart. Dosage is 4 drops 4 x a day for 4 weeks in mouth, or as needed. No contraindications.  For children 2-4 drops, 3-4x a day diluted in 1 oz juice or water.  Created with 20% organic alcohol (brandy), spring water, organic rose water, and the following essences; Rainbow kelp, Hawthorn, Bleeding Heart, Nootka Rose, Wild rose, Green rose, Borage, and Gentian. 

Please email to order;


Why choose Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower essence therapy is the safest form of plant medicine available today.  There are no contraindications, meaning it is safe to use with pharmaceuticals, and as subtle and kind as they are to our bodies, they are remarkably effective.  Healthy changes/results are seen within 1-4 months!  How they work: Many of our physical ailments stem from deep emotional trauma and abuse. These traumas get stuck deep within our psyche and over time can actually form as physical blockages if not addressed. The simple example for this is the classic case of 'butterflies in the stomach.'  This occurs when we get nervous or upset about something, our emotions and thoughts literally manifest in the physical, creating an upset stomach that you can actually feel!  So imagine what early childhood trauma, or major surgery, or the death of a loved one can do. It is vital we start processing these incidents in a healthier way, rather then masking them with self-destructive behaviors. Flower essences are essentially potentized flower water that has been diluted several times. They work on the energetic meridians rather than the physical, specifically the emotional and mental bodies. The essences bring to the surface our repressed emotions/ poor behavorial patterns, to be seen and then processed in a fast and healthy way, all the while feeling extremely supported!

But how often do you think about what you are thinking about?! This is the question I will ask you, and this one of the best ways to have better control over how you feel, how you respond, and how you react to whatever life throws your way! But don't worry myself and the flowers will support you along the entire way and show you what it means to feel really really good! 

So if you are ready to re-program/re-arrange old patterns of thinking/being, enhance your mental and emotional state to that of one in a more constant stream of bliss, we are ready for you!

I look forward to working with you and clearing channels so that you may create more space to fully bloom into all that you are. 

I am committed to making the journey of healing a joyous one! Your true nature is that of love, light, and pure happiness!