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What are flower essences?



Flower essences are the energetic blueprint of a plant's peak expression, the flower. Its medicine is transferred by the heat of the sun, into its medium, water, for over several hours time. Water has memory and retains vibrations, so just as each individual gives off their own unique energy, so too do the flowers, and this is the energy medicine we are harnessing via sun and water.  Essentially we are creating a very potent flower water. It is then preserved with organic alcohol and diluted several times, before being used as medicine, similar to homeopathy. The flower essences work on the energetic meridians of the body, primarily the make-up of our psychological and emotional well-being.  *Please note these are not essential oils, and work on a completely different level.*

Many of our physical ailments stem from deep emotional trauma and abuse. These traumas get stuck deep within our psyche and over time can actually form as physical blockages if not addressed. The simple example for this is the classic case of 'butterflies in the stomach.'  This occurs when we get nervous or upset about something, our emotions and thoughts literally manifest in the physical, creating an upset stomach that you can actually feel!  So imagine what early childhood trauma, or major surgery, or the death of a loved one can do. It is vital we start processing these incidents in a healthier way, rather then masking them with self-destructive behaviors; drinking, drugs, eating disorders, self-harm, etc. But how lucky are we?! We have the plant kingdom right beneath our toes to help! Flowers are our allies.  They are tools, guides, that gently and naturally nourish and support us in so many ways.  Please take the time to get to know these powerful plants to further heal and uplift your life, which in turn uplifts all of those around you.  To learn more please join me for a class, and read below for a more in-depth description of what the flower essence class entails:  

"In every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks."  John Muir

"In every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks."  John Muir

Flower Essence Workshop:

Using flower essences, meditation, and journaling, we will gently and quickly awaken and transform inner dormant channels to help us reach our truest desires and follow our destined path. In this class we will discuss the amazing potency and gentleness of flower essences; what are they, how do they work, and how can they guide you. We will sit in meditation with several plants (a bit of journey work!), learn several techniques of how to develop and strengthen your intuition and you will set intention through journaling. Most importantly, you will learn how Mother Earth can teach you how to receive answers to your questions, heal yourself naturally, reduce stress and anxiety, and become more grounded and in the present! We will sit in circle and share our experiences,  you will also take home a 1 oz bottle of the flower essence we make in class. No experience necessary. This class is only available during the summer months, a plant-spirit journey workshop is offered during the fall and winter months.