Available for custom flower essence formulas. I work with infants, children, adults, and families. Flower Essence Therapy is the safest form of plant medicine available today.  There are no contraindications, meaning it is safe and gentle enough to be used if you are on any medications, and safe enough for infants and children. I use all organic and sustainably grown and harvested flowers, and organic vegetable glycerin as a preservative instead of alcohol. 

The first session runs approximately 1 1/2  hours and includes your 1 month supply take home formula. Prior to us meeting, I open myself up as a channel and communicate to the plant kingdom (plant-spirit communication) for approximately 30 minutes. Here I sit in prayer and allow the flowers to come forth. (I have been working with over 200 flowers for the past 8 years on a daily basis.)  When you arrive, we will discuss the flowers that came forth for you, and in detail discuss your current health/mental situation; what you are wanting to transmute, release, bring in, change etc. Then together we will craft your formula. 

I recommend 4-8 sessions. Once every 2 or 4 weeks. 

Long distance sessions are available and I do these over the phone. I do not need to see you in order to connect to your energy. I work the same way as if you were to come in; I channel for a 1/2 hour prior to us talking, then we will talk for an 1 1/2 and together create your formula. Shipping charges are $2-4$. 

The primary purpose of this session is that of education. 


Consultation rates: (includes formula)

For individual: $118 per session.

*Every 2 weeks, there is a check up phone call, and I recommend we meet every 2 or 4 weeks to discuss your progress, and alter or create a new formula. Typically I see physical and mental health improvements within 1-4 months. 

*The same rates above apply for each follow up. If you finish your formula before the 4 weeks is up, it is $45 for a refill. 


Why choose Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower essence therapy is the safest form of plant medicine available today.  There are no contraindications, meaning it is safe to use with pharmaceuticals, and as subtle and kind as they are to our bodies, they are remarkably effective.  Healthy changes/results are seen within 1-4 months!  How they work: Many of our physical ailments stem from deep emotional trauma and abuse. These traumas get stuck deep within our psyche and over time can actually form as physical blockages if not addressed. The simple example for this is the classic case of 'butterflies in the stomach.'  This occurs when we get nervous or upset about something, our emotions and thoughts literally manifest in the physical, creating an upset stomach that you can actually feel!  So imagine what early childhood trauma, or major surgery, or the death of a loved one can do. It is vital we start processing these incidents in a healthier way, rather then masking them with self-destructive behaviors. Flower essences are essentially potentized flower water that has been diluted several times. They work on the energetic meridians rather than the physical, specifically the emotional and mental bodies. The essences bring to the surface our repressed emotions/ poor behavorial patterns, to be seen and then processed in a fast and healthy way, all the while feeling extremely supported!

But how often do you think about what you are thinking about?! This is the question I will ask you, and this one of the best ways to have better control over how you feel, how you respond, and how you react to whatever life throws your way! But don't worry myself and the flowers will support you along the entire way and show you what it means to feel really really good! 

So if you are ready to re-program/re-arrange old patterns of thinking/being, enhance your mental and emotional state to that of one in a more constant stream of bliss, we are ready for you!

I look forward to working with you and clearing channels so that you may create more space to fully bloom into all that you are. 

I am committed to making the journey of healing a joyous one! Your true nature is that of love, light, and pure happiness!