Beading Intentions

Beading Intentions


Saturday September 21st

4pm - 7/7:30pm

At the cusp of entering fall (solstice is that Monday the 23rd) I find it so important to sit and take time to be still, give gratitude to the sun, and set your intentions for the fall season. Please join me at my residence in Peconic NY for this 3 hour outdoor/shaded class; we will start by silently writing our achievements this summer, our hopes and dreams for the future, and crafting a list of desired intentions for the fall and winter. Next I will instruct you in making your very own beautiful beaded ceremonial buckskin pouch. This craft is an incredible teacher in patience, humility, and experience not to miss! Choose your colors and set your intention! Upon completion of your pouch, you will receive a beautifully crafted smudge stick from me, along with some PAHO (an offering of ground cornmeal,stone, tobacco, & flowers) for your pouch. We will wrap up the class in circle during sunset, reading aloud our list of intentions, and then tossing the list into the fire, thus releasing resistance and allowing transformation to take place. I hope you can join me in celebrating the sun and welcoming the fall!

8 spaces available. No refunds within 48 hours of class.

Price includes all materials, smudge stick, and organic herbal tea.

*Please note, we will be using deerhide buckskin as our medium, and we will discuss the medicine of this animal.

*Please dress comfortably, glasses if needed, paper and pen.

*If rain, we will simply transfer into the barn, and continue our work, and I will still make a fire :)

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