The Magic In You

The Magic In You


2 day workshop

Sunday October 20th 10am-2pm

Sunday October 27th. 10 am-2:30pm

$195 Includes all the materials for crafting these products, the Cacao ceremony, handouts, & light bites

Location; Treiber Farms Peconic NY

Samhain is a Celtic word that literally translates to ‘end of summer’, and its celebration predates Halloween. Today it is considered a pagan holiday honoring the dead and celebrating the abundance of summer, but simply stated, it is a time (October 31st -November 2nd) when the veil between the spiritual world and the physical world becomes increasingly thin. I myself can feel this thinning long before October 31st, and for quite some time after, but is it during this time, where we can feel, and some of us see, the magic all around. It is a time of heightened sensitivities, intuition, communication, and creativity.

I offer you this workshop, in honor of this time, and especially, to aid you in understanding, feeling and seeing all of this magic within and around you.

What this workshop will entail;

  • An overview of 10 plants - the medicinal physical properties and the magical properties

  • Handcrafting your own tea blend

  • Handcrafting a dream pillow

  • Handcrafting an anointing oil

  • Handcrafting a smudge stick

Each product you craft will have their own intention; protection, love, luck, confidence, abundance, communication, intuition, etc. You will have complete creative control, and during the first class, you will be taking a bit of time to set these.

  • We will discuss the thinning of the veil, and what plants work best to aid one in communicating with your ancestors.

  • We will work with salt, smudge sticks, flower essences, & essential oils to create our products.

  • We will touch upon altar work

  • We will set a fire at the end of the workshop

  • You will get to hold my dearest friend Rosalee (a beautiful rose haired Chilean Tarantula that I have had for 5 years, if you so please, & if she is willing to come out. Spider medicine is the medicine of the weaver. Considered a totem of creation, and weaving our dreams into realities.

  • And we wrap up with a small Cacao ceremony around the fire, hosted by my dear friend Lexi Mucci who has been leading these tea ceremonies for several years. She states; “Cacao is a sacred plant medicine with numerous physical and spiritual benefits. the plant has been used by indigenous ceremonies for over 3,000 years. Her spirit gently aids us in opening our heart, creating a deeper understanding and connection with our inner selves and others. i have had the honor to share this plant medicine in ceremony for a few years now, although I am more of an educator. You and Cacao will have your own experience together if you are willing and wanting to listen and receive her guidance.”

  • But most importantly… community and gathering with one another. Supporting of one another, and all the magic that lies within and around us will be celebrated!

This workshop is meant to be fun! I encourage you to dress up as you please! Capes, gowns, pointy hats, black pointed shoes! Glitter, wings, or fangs! Come as you are or as you feel in accordance to this special time of year.

I look forward to crafting with you, connecting to our primal selves, working with the gifts of the green ones, & learning that together, we can tap in more easily to our own unique magic within.

Please bring a notebook, pen, snacks if you need, & dress comfortably.

Rain or shine event, as we have lots of barn space to which we will be working in, think lots of candles and pumpkins :)

Registration closes 2 weeks prior ( October 6th)

No refunds within 1 week of first class (October 13th)

For questions or concerns please email me at

“My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage." -Practical Magic

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