"Since meeting Courtney this past fall, I've completed three of her classes.   I'm in awe of her unlimited enthusiasm, the depth and scope of her knowledge and most importantly, "her open heart".  She seems to never tire of sharing information.  I've incorporated plant medicine in my life on a daily bases with beneficial teas and healthy menu planning.  Again, thank you." -Mary R. 

"Working with Courtney has made a world of difference in my life. Her intuitive perceptions go straight to the heart of the issues at hand. The essences she has given me have helped me work through deeply rooted negative patterns and have transformed my life for the better." -Irena S. 

"I have had much success with Courtney's custom FE (flower essence) formulas.  Her strong intuitive nature and heart centered work helped me create perfect formulas for what I was going through at different times in my life." -Jenni M.

"I tried the Lighthouse essence and I am absolutely hooked! It has helped me rise through many personal and physical struggles this year, and I just have to say this formula is my soul's salvation!" -Mallory W. 

"I thank you so much for all the amazing, helpful, yummy medicine you have brought my way. they have truly helped my realignment of spirit and energy!" -Krystal K. 

"It has been a joy to have you in my life. Thank you for the flower essences and knowledge you shared with me.  Your comfort felt so good."  -Honor H.

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